Charter Spectrum Privacy – Privacy Policy for Charter Communications

Read through my ISP’s privacy policy (Charter). Did you know the some of the ads you see on TV are based on them scrubbing your search history? This may help explain why as soon as I was diagnosed with UC. I starting seeing sooo many ads on TV for medicine. Granted some of that could be me now being more aware of it.

Good thing is Charter lets you unsubscribe from just about all information sharing with 3rd parties. Well at least for now. We’ll see if they keep that up. Given the reversal of recent FCC guidelines. Sent a request for more info from their legal team. Should be interesting to see what I get back to say the least. The support specialist made it seem like this is NOT the first call they’ve fielded regarding this. As they put me in touch with someone trained to take these calls almost immediately.

Personally I’m okay with Google/FB having my info. As I know they anonymize it and use SSL. Their business relies on not pissing off users and providing useful results. Charter comes right out and admits they do not anonymize everything. Their business model is squeezing every last penny out of their users as people continue to cut the cord. Which I can understand but am clearly concerned about.

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