Fight is far from over. But it’s nice to see the lessons learned in my 5th grade social studies class in action. There’s multiple branches of government for a reason. Yes executive orders are probably not exactly legal. And our current mess is partly Obama’s fault for his excessive use of them. But he used them to protect consumers rights and to try to create a working healthcare system. FDR’s new deal probably wasn’t legal either. This is what happens when responding to a crisis either real or imagined. The “government system” tends to ignore the abuse of power when the result is a net positive. At the heart of this current legal fight is protecting freedom of religion and the rights of citizens. Trump’s ban in it’s current form harms both businesses and citizens. By putting an unreasonable burden on those already granted Visas. Not to mention specifically targets the Muslim community. Who we should be reaching out to as an ally. Instead of creating an even more fractured relationship.

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